Committee on Finance

The Committee on Finance will consider the following bills:

Bill No. 34-0191                     An Act amending title 22 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 55 relating to captive insurance companies to clarify the purpose of the chapter, and to prohibit the organization, within the Virgin Islands, of a special category of multi-state insurers that may not be required to comply with the accreditation standards established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and adopted by the Territory as a NAIC-accredited jurisdiction”

Invited Testifier:
Glendina P. Matthew, Esq., Acting Director, Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Bill No. 34-0197                     An Act amending title 33 Virgin Islands Code, subtitle 1, part I, chapter 3, section 43, subsection (e) relating to the submittal of bills or invoices that separately state gross receipt taxes to account for the receipt and distribution of federal assistance to the Government of the Virgin Islands and related payments to its contractors

Invited Testifiers:
Dayna Clendinen, Interim Executive Director, Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority
Joel Lee, Director, Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue
Adriane Dudley, Partner, Dudley Rich LLP
Scott Edelman, Senior Vice President, AECOM

Jon Grant, Chief Financial Officer, APTIM

Shaine Gaspard, President, St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce
Akeel St. John, President, St. Croix Chamber of Commerce

Bill No.  34-0204                    An Act amending the Virgin Islands Code title 22, chapter 58, relating to self-insurance and title 29, chapter 10, section 543, relating to the powers of the Port Authority, to authorize the Virgin Islands Port Authority to establish a self-insurance program to cover and manage certain risks

Invited Testifiers:

Carlton Dowe, Executive Director, Virgin Islands Port Authority
Glendina P. Matthew, Esq., Acting Director, Office of the Lieutenant Governor




Mar 15 2022


10:00 am


Frits E. Lawaetz Legislative Conference Room
St. Croix
Senator Kurt A. Vialet


Senator Kurt A. Vialet
(340) 773-2424
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