35th Legislature mourns the loss of former Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen

Published: Oct 3, 2023

Senate President Novelle E. Francis, Jr, today offered his deepest condolences to Mr. Esdel Hansen and the family, friends and colleagues of former Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen on behalf of the members of the 35th Legislature.

Francis said Hansen will be remembered for her contributions to the territory and to the pivotal role that she played in shaping the legislative landscape as we recognize it today. “While I had known Chucky for many years, it was an experience to serve with her during the 32nd Legislature,” Francis stated. “Every day was a masterclass in seeing her wield her charm, humor and tenacity to accomplish her legislative goals. She was willing to work with anyone and would reach across the aisle for anything that benefited her people. She was a voice for the underserved and underrepresented who did not accept the status quo and worked tirelessly and fearlessly on behalf of the community.”

Hansen’s enduring determination and her reputation as a political influencer exemplified her unwavering dedication to the constituents she represented. She embarked on her political journey during the Seventeenth Legislature, ultimately serving an impressive 11 terms in the Legislature. Throughout her tenure, she held positions such as Secretary, White House Liaison, and Vice President of the Senate.

“Her passing is a great loss for many,” Francis stated. “She leaves a legacy as a political powerhouse and as a fierce advocate for the people of the Virgin Islands. She will be remembered as a trailblazer of her era and will be deeply missed.”

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