34th Legislature of the Virgin Islands Launches LEGIT TV in HD

Published: Jun 3, 2022

St. Thomas—The Honorable Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory announced the launch of LEGIT TV in high definition (HD). The launch of the channel represents the completion of a multiyear project and is a result of the tireless efforts of the Legislature’s Public Affairs Division working in collaboration with Viya.

Upon notification by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the requirement to broadcast in HD, the Legislature began working with Viya to ensure the Legislature’s ability to broadcast in HD on the legislative channel. Senate President Donna A. Frett-Gregory said this news is exciting not only for the Legislature but the entire Virgin Islands community. “Providing information in a transparent manner has and is always mission number one when we carry out the work of the people. Being informed on the laws and the process in an unbiased manner is the purpose of LEGIT TV and now with the improved video quality it brings even more vividity to our constituents,” said Senate President Frett-Gregory.

Viya customers, who access HD programming, will be able to enjoy LEGIT TV in HD. Customers who have TV+ will enjoy the enhanced picture quality on Channel 26. Customers who are on the original digital platform, with an HD converter, will enjoy LEGIT TV in HD on Channel 526.

“Thank you to the Legislature’s Public Affairs Division and Viya for the collaborative work they did to bring this effort to fruition, it only proves when we are mission driven great things do happen,” concluded Senate President Donna A. Frett-Gregory.

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