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Senator Donna Frett-Gregory to serve on the Governing Board of the Women’s Legislative Network of the National Conference of State Legislatures

Published: Aug 5, 2022

St. Thomas, USVI – At the 2022 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Summit held August 1 -3, 2022 in Denver, Colorado, Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory was nominated and elected as the Eastern Democrat Director on the Executive Board of the Women’s Legislative Network of NCSL.
NCSL is a national organization that represents legislatures in the states, territories, and commonwealths of the United States. The Women’s Legislative Network of NCSL is the professional development organization that includes every female state legislator in the 50 states, United States territories, and the District of Columbia. The mission of the Women’s Legislative Network is to promote the participation, empowerment, and leadership of women legislators. While the Network does not advocate for or against any specific state policies, it sponsors informational briefings so legislators can better understand an issue and learn from one another. The governing board is responsible for the ongoing administration and affairs of the network.
“Across the nation, more women are being elected to serve their communities. Barriers that once prevented women from serving in leadership roles are being shattered daily,” said Frett-Gregory. However the gender gap still exists and remains wide enough to be seen and felt. Organizations such as the Women’s Legislative Network allows women leaders to use their position, voice, skills and power to work with women across the nation to become more effective leaders and advocate for women’s continued participation in leadership roles. “I am honored to have been elected to serve on the Governing Board,” stated Frett-Gregory. “And I look forward to working with women locally, nationally and globally to effectuate change that will impact future generations.”

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