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Committee on Finance

The Committee on Finance will consider the following:


Bill No. 34-0249        An Act amending title 20 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 37, section 404 relating to the tariff of automobiles for hire to: require annual publication of maximum rates for taxi service, authorize a $1 surcharge for increases in gasoline or other fuels; and direct the Taxicab Commission to conduct a feasibility and impact study on ride sharing businesses


Invited Testifiers

Vernice Gumbs, Acting Executive Director, Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission

Samuel Ferdinand, Taxi Driver

Gerard Steven, Taxi Driver


 Bill No. 34-0251        An Act amending title 2, chapter 3 of the Virgin Islands Code pertaining to certain benefits of the        employees of the Legislature

Invited Testifiers

Kurell A. Sheridan, JD, Executive Director, Legislature of the Virgin Islands

Michael Benjamin, Acting Director, Business & Financial Management, Legislature of the V.I.


Bill No. 34-0252      An Act amending title 23 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 5, section 455 relating to firearm licenses, to increase the time period for the renewal of firearm licenses, to provide for a discount of the renewal fee for senior citizens, and to define the term “senior citizen”


Invited Testifiers

Jenifer O’Neal, Director, Office of Management and Budget

The Honorable Ray Martinez, Commissioner, Virgin Islands Police Department


Bill No. 34-0283        An Act amending title 17 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 15, relating to scholarships by adding section 190ff to establish the Virgin Islands “Stenography Scholarship Fund”, which will fund a scholarship for individuals pursuing a certificate in stenography, court reporting, or a related field

Invited Testifiers

Kurell A. Sheridan, JD, Executive Director, Legislature of the Virgin Islands

Tricia D. Sealey, CSR, Chief Legislative Reporter, Legislature of the Virgin Islands


Aug 18 2022


9:00 am


Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall
Charlotte Amalie
Senator Kurt A. Vialet


Senator Kurt A. Vialet
(340) 773-2424
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