Diane T. Capehart
St. Croix
Senator Diane T. Capehart
District: St. Croix

A former Senator in the 30th Legislature of the Virgin Islands and proactive change leader with more than 30 years of expertise in driving projects, operations, government programs, and policy, Senator Diane T. Capehart serves the 35th Legislature as a proud, experienced Legislator. In the 30th, Senator Capehart was the sole Sponsor of 58 bills; eight were enacted. She was also the Co-sponsor of 35 enacted legislation as she worked assiduously to ensure the local government remained responsive to the needs of the residents of St. Croix.

Senator Capehart’s enthusiasm to serve the People of St. Croix began after returning home from college during the recovery efforts of Hurricane Hugo in 1988. She was compelled to offer her services and dedicated her time as a volunteer in various capacities. Senator Capehart has committed her life’s work to public service with more than 10 years in the Medicaid industry as she worked her way up the chain from Quality Control Reviewer to Supervisor, then finally, the Administrator of Medicaid Programs. She also served 13 years in environmental policy and programming in capacities that ranged from Small Business Assistant, Program Administrator, and finally, the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources. Senator Capehart continued to serve in strategic functions that promoted team building, accountability, compliance, and governmental relationships by facilitating the advancement of partnerships with other government officials and external organizations in both the private and public sectors. As the
former Administrator of Support Services for the Virgin Islands Police Department and Associate Director of Advocacy and Community Outreach for AARP, Capehart conveyed a purposeful mission to the Virgin Islands Community—to maintain the goal of servant leadership, effect change for better processes that serves the public, healthy working conditions and environment for employees, and accountability and integrity to our residents and associates, alike.

Senator Diane T. Capehart was born on the islands of St. Croix, Virgin Islands to the proud parents of Charles and Shermaine “Sunny” Capehart. She is an active member of the Classes of the ’80s, New Horizon Women’s Democratic Club, a former member of the Virgin Islands Resource Conservation Development Inc., and a graduate of the 2009 Congressional Boot Camp. The Senator is also the second of three siblings, but most importantly, she is the proud mother of three daughters and three grandchildren. 

Her motto is Live Clean and Let Your Works Be Seen!

Chief of Staff: Alekisha Joy Petersen Bennerson
Phone: 340-712-2254


The 35th Legislature of the Virgin Islands’ Committee on Rules and Judiciary, chaired by Diane T. Capehart, met in the Frits E. Lawaetz Conference Room. Lawmakers considered nominations, legislative measures, and resolutions. Approved items on Thursday’s agenda will be forwarded to the full body at the next scheduled Legislative Session. The following nominations were approved:… Read More »


ST. THOMAS – The Committee on Rules and Judiciary, under the leadership of Senator Diane T. Capehart convened in the Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall. Lawmakers received testimony considering the nominations of Clement “Cain” Magras to the Virgin Islands Public Services Commission and Kasima I. Knight-Hodge to the Virgin Islands Real Estate Commission. All approved… Read More »


ST. CROIX – The 35th Legislature of the Virgin Islands’ Committee on Rules and Judiciary, led by Senator Diane T. Capehart, met at the Frits E. Lawaetz Legislative Conference Room to consider nominations for the Virgin Islands Public Services Commission and considered various legislative measures. Approved items on today’s agenda will be forwarded to the… Read More »

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