Transparency and Accountability of the Federal Relief Funds Coming to the Territory Must be Mandated

Published: Dec 2, 2021

St. Thomas, USVI– Senate President Donna A. Frett-Gregory announced today that Bill No. 34-0073 will be considered at the next Legislative Session. Offered by Senate President Frett-Gregory, Bill No. 34-0073 mandates transparency, accountability and oversight of federal COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus funds allocated to the territory.

With this bill, the 34th Legislature joins states and territories across the nation in enacting legislation to determine how best to utilize these funds and to hold Governors accountable. The territory is in receipt of unprecedented sums of monies;it is critical that we utilize these dollars appropriately and effectively for the benefit of the people with the proper legislative oversight. “The enactment of this bill puts a mechanism and a structure in place for both branches of government to work collaboratively to effectuate positive change in meeting the needs of our community, in addition to ensuring transparency and accountability,” stated Frett-Gregory.

The Legislative body cannot continue to learn of projects/programs in the millions of dollars tied to these COVID-19 and stimulus-related funds in the news. “When it’s all said and done, our territory must be better for what may very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild our infrastructure, healthcare, educational system, and our economy in a meaningful and systematic manner; we cannot squander this opportunity,” stated Senator Frett-Gregory.


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