Summer Employment Program


2021 Summer Employment

Application Process

Summer Employment  Program Application will be available from May 3, 2021, to June 4, 2021. Students age 14 -17 must submit a completed Youth Consent Form along with their application package.

Application Link

Application Deadline
Internship Period
Internship Start Dates (Pay cycle Start Dates)
High School or Junior High Students
College Student
June 4, 2021
May 24, 2021 and August 27, 2021
May 24, 2021 June 7 or 21, 2021 July 5 or 19, 2021 August 2 or 16, 2021
$13.00 p/hr.
$15.00 p/hr.

Interview Process

Interns should be prepared to sit for an interview with a Senator or his/her designee.

Start Dates

Internship Start Dates (Pay cycle Start Dates)
May 24, 2021, June 7 or 21, 2021 July 5 or 19, 2021, August 2 or 16, 2021

Maximum Hours 

Total hours per week should not exceed thirty (30) hours. 


Work Assignments 

Interns will be hired for Senatorial offices and will be expected to devote 30 hours weekly to legislative duties during the term of their appointments, adapting to the legislative schedule. Senatorial offices may request placement of one or more of their interns to the Central Staff upon request to the Executive Director. Duties will vary from office to office, but will include bill analysis, constituent work, research and general office work.