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Att. A - Sen. N. Francis Ltr. to Gov. Bryan re STJ Land Exchange.pdf
Att. B - Letter to Senate President re STJ Land Exchange 7-31-23.pdf
Att. C - ASTM-Standards-Environmental-Assessments-E1527-21.pdf
Att. D - DOI-Departmental-Manual-602-dm-2_0-See-page7-highlighted.pdf
Att. E - Phase 1 ESA Update Report VIIS Tract 01-137A 3.3.23_Fully Executed.pdf
Att. F - Phase 1 ESA Update Report VIIS Tract 02-101 3.3.23_Fully Executed (2).pdf
Att. G - Ida Smith Ltr. Map .jpg
Att. G - Ida Smith Ltr. received 073123.pdf
Att. H - Public Engagement Summary_St John Land Exchange_508.pdf
Att. I - Ltr - St. John Land Exchange Subcommittee[45].pdf
Att. J - Plaskett Letter to Sen. Pres. Francis - Proposed Land Exchange 7-24-23[6][46][45][44].pdf
Att. K - Plaskett Press Release re Land Exchange Briefing.pdf
Report on the STJ Subcommittee.pdf