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Drafter: LMW
Legislature:  32 
Date Received: 1/17/2017
Date Assigned: 1/23/2017
Date Introduced: 3/20/2017
Date To LtGovernor:
Date To Senator: 3/13/2017
Date To Governor:
Date Approved:
Date Vetoed:
Date Overridden:
BR Number: 17-0162
Request Type: Bill&Amend
Bill Number: 32-0048
Act Number:
Resolution Number:
Amendment Number: 32-101
Governors Number:
Sponsors: Nellie Riveria-O'Reilly
Subject: An Act requiring the board of the Juan F. Luis Hospital to solicit proposals for the selection of a third-party management company or health system to manage the hospital
Committee: CH&HS
Committee Action: 10/05/18 - HELD IN COMMITTEE 05/15/17-HELD IN COMMITTEE
Floor Action:
    Rules Action:
Remarks: 03/13/17-SIGNED BLUE RECEIVED
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